The Square Restaurant | Tasting Menu
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Tasting Menu

The Tasting Menu

To be taken by the entire table


Smoked Linconshire Eel
Muscat Grape, Red Wine, Pickled Cucumber

Raw Orkney Scallop
Beets, 20 Year Old Xerez Vinegar, Coriander

Sugar Spiced Foie Gras
Gariguette Strawberry, Lemon Verbena

Pan Fried Dover Sole
Spring Cabbage, Noisette Butter

Pyrenean Milk-Fed Lamb
Roscoff Onion, Tokyo Turnip, Tarragon

Kalapaya Chocolate
Jura Whisky, Coffee Ice Cream

Roasted Victoria Pineapple
Galabé Sugar, Peanut, Coriander

£125.00 per person

 £195.00 with wines